ARC Reactor Exclusion Zone Specimens

On the 23rd of January 2023, the ARC team and their partners in crime over at The Jupiter Project joined forces to test out a prototype of the highly anticipated ARC Reactor, using a selection of JUP Apes as the test subjects. 

The aim was to effectively send the JUP Apes residing at the ARC labs back to their extraterrestrial home, LEDA, a satellite of Jupiter, via the ARC Reactor prototype. 

Unfortunately, the first attempt to transport the JUP Apes back to their home satellite ended catastrophically. The experiment caused the reactor to have a major meltdown. Radioactive contamination spread far and wide and members of both the ARC and Jupiter communities in the contaminated area had to be evacuated immediately.

Miraculously, all members of both the ARC and Jupiter teams, and all the JUP Apes involved were left completely unscathed by the meltdown, but upon closer inspection of the destroyed reactor, a shocking discovery was made… 

During the meltdown, the reactor managed to spontaneously clone cell bodies from the JUP Apes and spread them haphazardly throughout the exclusion zone. The DNA of these cell bodies was heavily damaged, but the residual ARC energies that imbued the cell bodies caused them to rapidly grow and evolve into fully-formed, mutant JUP Ape clones within minutes.  

It was now a race against the clock for the ARC team to quickly hunt down, capture, and contain all of the loose specimens now roaming around the exclusion zone before Sigwo – the leader of the JUP Apes, caught word of the situation and sent out a shrewdness of JUP Apes armed with Sigwo Arms customised AR-15s and flamethrowers to exterminate the new, ‘impure’ genetic variants of JUP Ape introduced into the ecosystem by the malfunctioning reactor prototype. 

Fortunately, all loose specimens were safely captured and contained by the ARC team before they could be found and destroyed by the JUP Ape purists. 

Immediately upon containment, the ARC team administered a potent antimutagenic agent to stop further mutation and growth of the specimens, which was effective, but the damaged had already been done.

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